Delivering beautiful flowers directly to your desktop.

Please join us at Floating Petals, a site created just for you, to give you a moment, to offer you a connection, and experience the wonder, mystery and breathtaking beauty of flowers. My twin passions: photography and flowers; let them infuse your days and weeks and let them enrich your year…

Begin your week with floral quotes of inspiration, happiness and beauty paired with my floral photography to start your Monday uplifted with Monday’s Flower Quote. Join me on travel adventures, stories of connection, and celebrations of everyday joys on my Flower Blog. Each Wednesday start your day with the stunning gift of Wednesday’s Flower: each budding beauty devotedly photographed and storied, shared in delight with you. Follow us on FaceBook for Friday’s Flower Facts to learn more about each week’s flower. And, on Saturday’s enjoy the Cutting Room Floor, my weekend edition of varied perspectives from Wednesday’s Flower.

For a year of flowers delivered to your desktop, please click here: membership and to learn more about gifting a membership, please click here: gifting.

I do hope you will join me on this journey and make this a moment just for you or to share with another.